Tips on How to Wash Curly Hair

Curly hair is beautiful and can be a great way to embrace your natural texture, but if you are like me and have naturally curly hair that is prone to frizziness, you can take some simple steps on how to wash curly hair. I will give you some tips for washing curly hair that will help with any frizzy or tangled issues. But first, let’s discuss the best shampoo and conditioner for your specific type of curls.

If you are one of the many women who have curly hair, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain your curls. However, we all want our curls to look their best, and we want them to last for as long as possible, so here is a list of tips on how to wash curly hair! First off, don’t brush your hair before washing it because this will make your curls frizzier than they already are. Next, use a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens because these ingredients can dry out and damage curly hair. After using the shampoo, focus on rinsing thoroughly in order not only to cleanse but also condition the scalp and strands. Lastly, add some leave-in conditioner to your hair.

Properly wash curly hair

It’s a known fact that curly hair requires more care than straight hair. The difference is night and day, so it makes sense to learn how to take care of your tresses if you have curls properly! Read on for tips on how to wash curly hair.

  • wash your locksUse the shampoo sparingly. You only need about a quarter-sized amount (no more giant!) for each use, especially if you are trying to cleanse your scalp. Curls can be very sensitive, and make sure not to strip away all the natural oils from your scalp with too much shampooing—you want those natural oils there!
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Gently massage the scalp with fingertips in circular motions, using your fingers as tools for detangling
  • Conditioner should be applied in small sections from roots through ends before combing or styling (don’t worry about applying condition). Apply conditioner from the roots of your head down through the ends of your curls, taking care that every strand is covered in conditioner before rinsing out all products.

How often should curly hair be washed?

Curly hair can be a hassle to maintain, especially when deciding how often you should wash your locks. Some curly girls find that they need to shampoo their hair every day or two because of the natural oils in their hair and scalp. Other curly girls like myself only need to shampoo once a week, usually on Sundays before church! It’s all about what works for you best, but if you’re not sure where to start, I recommend washing your hair at least once a week. This will help keep excess oil from building up and causing those nasty tangles in our curls! You’ll thank me later 😉

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